Bikini Facial

The facial for your vagina.  Our and Bikini Facial is gentle and soothing on the skin making it the perfect follow up to any waxing or shaving session.  

Vajacial benefits include:

* treatment of ingrown hairs

* removal of dead skin

* smoothing of bumps around the bikini line and upper vulva area

* acne & ingrown hair prevention

* gradual lightening of discolored skin

* maintain healthy, smooth, hydrated skin






The best way to pamper the most intimate part of you.

Sitting down for long periods of time, shaving, waxing, wearing tight clothes can take a toll on our tush. Our 6-step treatments are designed to give you smooth and clear skin on those intimate areas and bring back your confidence. These treatments include exfoliation, extractions, microdermabrasion and an exotic papaya & grape sealing, and a hydrating mask.