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Body Contouring Plasty Reductor

Post Operative Therapy

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​Tailored to your individual needs. This molding and slimming treatment combines our exclusive Colombian Style manual and state-of-the-art technological protocols to sculpt your physique. Focusing on releasing fatty tissue accumulations in undesired areas and the detoxification of the skin for a healthier tone. Incorporated as well are the use of exotic oils and lipolytic creams to hydrate and smoothen your skin. With a curation of our signature massage techniques ranging from Wood Therapy to Lymphatic Drainage, our non-invasive body contouring treatment is guaranteed. We work with clients individually to maximize their potential and achieve all their goals. 


6 SESSIONS: $750

10 SESSIONS: $1,200

Fibrosis / Scar Tissue Treatment: Post Liposuction

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We offer NON-STEROIDAL fibrosis treatment.

​Our fibrosis preparation with bioregulatory effects, stimulates the body's own auto-repair mechanism to slowly diminish scar tissue and excessive inflammation.

Fibrosis formation can depend on many factors and a few examples are improper use of compression garments (faja) and or compression boards, inadequate post-op care techniques, aggressive and or uneven liposuction by the surgeon, nonconsistent post-op care, lack of seroma draining amongst others. 

By choosing an experienced post-op care provider many complications such as fibrosis could be avoided to prevent additional expenses and an intense procedure.


6 SESSIONS: $899

Celulite Blaster


It is a natural treatment to improve cellulite, enhance, firm and shape the buttocks, where the application of vitamins and minerals is combined with a state of the art aesthetic equipment to improve elasticity, texture, and muscle tone. Great for surgical bbl and non surgical candidates. 


5 SESSIONS: $650

10 SESSIONS: $1,099

BBL Fat Transfer Survival Kit


It is expected that up to 40% of your BBL fat graft is expected to be lost. Increase  your BBL’s fat transfer survival rate within your post op care period through platelet rich plasma and growth factors. These growth factors improve new blood vessel growth, collagen deposition, and the recruitment of other cells responsible for healing. Also a great anti cellulite  treatment.  PRP is injected in areas where there is cellulite.  Stem cells will be created by your body as a response to the PRP injection.  The cells replacing your fat cells will become healthier, stronger and firmer.



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Your post op care protocol is individualized to suit your healing needs in a timely manner.  Wound care, correct posture enforcement, faja fittings, and medical follow ups with our medical professional are amongst the benefits of your post operative care treatment with us.



They reduce fibrosis and scar tissue.  They help decrease the inflammation caused by the procedure. Post-surgical massages hydrate your skin and tissues. They favor the immune system. You get better and faster healing. You recover more quickly from bruises as it absorbs and evacuates post-surgical edema improves the circulatory system. Reduces pain caused by plastic surgery performed. 


Body drainage is essential as a treatment after liposuction or abdominoplasty, it is a manual and rhythmic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and helps eliminate fluids and toxins from the body. 


So when you are scheduled for a series of postoperative massages, you must carefully keep the appointments with the greatest judgment, always keeping in mind that they are necessary for your recovery, well-being and the best results of your plastic surgery..


We are now offering two packages within our post-op care:


10 Sessions $1,200

5 Sessions $675


(Recommended for those with combined and multiple procedures that require an extended amount of time and care)

10 Sessions $1,500

5 Sessions $800

Highly Suggested add ons:

- BBL Survival Kit (Increases your fat transfer survival) 3 Sessions $499

- Post Op IV Vitamin Drip $249

- Medical Follow-up Consultation with Dr. Bartholomew $150


Glute Molding and Lifting


It is a natural treatment to improve cellulite, enhance, firm and shape the buttocks, where the application of vitamins and minerals is combined with state-of-the-art aesthetic equipment to improve elasticity, texture, and muscle tone. Great for surgical bbl and nonsurgical candidates. 


5 SESSIONS: $550

10 SESSIONS: $999

Detox and Destress Infared Wrap


This is an amazing and therapeutic body treatment that helps to detoxify your body in so many ways! 

Infrared heat penetrates 7x deeper than regular heat. This system uses short and long waves and can be used with professional wrap products to create a condition known as ''Thermolypolysis.'' With this deep heat, the body is forced to burn fat in the deeper layers right up to the dermis, allowing the breakdown of fats and secretion of excess bodily toxins, water, and fat. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, you may burn up to as many calories as if you would be jogging or rowing for 30 minutes. The heat that is created helps to increase the person's metabolism for the next 24-36 hours after the detox wrap. Infrared Body Wraps can be used for any of the following goals:

  • Chronic Pain and Arthritic conditions

  • Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction and toning improvements

  • For calming and relaxation purposes

  • Post Menopausal

  • Pre Menstrual back pain

  • Post Chemotherapy treatments 

  • Detox from pharmaceuticals 

  • To help regulate sleep patterns and lack of sleep 

Enjoy this relaxing and invigorating 60 minute detox treatment accompanied with your choice of either wood therapy or vacuum therapy full body massage. 

Infrared Body Detox Wraps should occur 2x per week for 2 to 3 weeks in order to benefit the most. 



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