Body Contouring Virtual Consultations

A virtual consultation is a great way to speak with our aesthetic professionals without having to travel to our facility.  Tell us about your inquires and body goals without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you would like to get a general idea of whether you are a good candidate for any of our aesthetic body treatments, and to get a general idea of associated costs, please do the following:

1. Submit 4 photos/images that show your frontal, back and side views.
It is important that you send us images taken on a plain background, and good lighting so that we can adequately assess your concerns. Please send images via text message to +1(646)-812-3649 (Example below). 
2. Our office will typically contact you within 48 hours of receiving the information.



Skincare & Injectable Services Virtual Consultations

If you are interested in our injectable treatments, please submit the following: One frontal view close up (facing forward), both side views close up (left and right), base view of face and nose (facing upward), both oblique views close up (3/4) view of face. Also a video of yourself doing the following facial expressions: frowning, smiling, and/or raising eyebrows. Please send images and video via text message to +1(646)-812-364

(Example below).


Please be advice that any and all advice given prior to a personal consultation should not be taken as conclusive medical advice prior to an in person evaluation and examination.



 If you are interested in our skincare services please submit three images: side profile (left and right) and frontal view. If your skincare concern is not facial, please submit an image of the affected area of your body whether that is your neck or back. Please send images via text message to +1(646)-812-364

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