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Shorts Total Compression - 086

Shorts Total Compression - 086

  •  Consistent use of this shaper helps with the process of recovery, healing and adherence of the skin to the muscle after surgery or birth delivery. Its built-in bra with high-coverage cups provides a high level of support, it also has an internal opening in which maternal-milk collection cups can be placed. Its three-levels snaps help the garment adjust to and fit on the body and cocoa color makes it perfect and practically imperceptible under outerwear clothing.
  • POST LIPO & POSTPARTUM: It provides total safety in movements and reduces pain during postoperative or aesthetic procedures. Its daily use favors good posture and shapes the body in an uniform and natural way. Cocoa color yields an optical effect so that it is not noticeable under outerwear clothing and it also conceals blood markings or bodily fluids during the recovery process.
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